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Januar 25, 2022
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Januar 25, 2022

Easy cash loans – for when you need a loan to just be, well, fast & easy!

Easy cash loans – for when you need a loan to just be, well, fast & easy!

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Stuck and need an easy cash loan? Nifty has your back!

Trying to apply for credit in Australia can sometimes feel like watching ice melt: slow, frustrating and somewhat pointless. Nevertheless, what type of a lender would we be if we couldn’t circumvent those feels with a convenient alternative? That’s why we’re bringing you fast easy cash loans to match your need for direct loans.

At Nifty Loans, we don’t see the point in spending hours filling out tedious loan applications. Then sitting for days, maybe even weeks, by the phone waiting for an outcome. That’s why we strive to offer one of the fastest and easiest loan services in the country. Our process is 100% online, so if you have been searching for “easy cash loans near me”, then you have come to the right place!

You would think that applying for much-needed finance while troubling expenses are breathing down your neck would be no easy feat. Well, with Nifty Loans, the feat is nothing but easy! Don’t believe us? See for yourself…

Need some fast cash? Here are 3 tips to earn quick cash!

Need fast easy cash but don’t want to apply for a loan? Well, here are three simple ways you can earn extra cash as an average Australian:

  • Odd-jobs – This one is fairly straightforward. If you’re looking for a little extra cash to tide you over, considering picking up some odd-jobs from around the neighbourhood. Whether this is mowing lawns or washing windows, you’re bound to find someone willing to pay for easy labour.
  • Sell your stuff – As the saying goes ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure‘. If you have unused furniture, clothes or appliances lying around, why not sell them? With the help of eBay, Gumtree and Facebook, that unwanted clutter could turn into cash.
  • Weekend job – If you’re a busy-bee type and can’t stand sitting still, why not put that energy to good use and make some extra cash. With websites like Seek and Jobsearch, you’ll be surprised at the number of job opportunities right at your fingertips. Like an early start? You could consider applying for a waiting position at your local. Bit of a night-lifer? Hit up the local pub and you could be pouring a few brewskis in no time (with an RSA, of course).

What are fast, easy cash loans?

Decided its a loan you need? Fast easy cash loans are a type of short-term personal loan that is processed quickly. With Nifty Loans, you can apply for fast cash loans from $500 up to $10,000 that can be repaid over 6 to 12 or 9 to 24 months, depending on the amount you apply for.

Now, we know how much Australians appreciate options. That’s why, when you come to Nifty, you can apply for 3 different types of loans. These are:

No matter which type of loan you decide is right for you, we can guarantee that the whole process will be fast and easy.

How quick are your loans?

Well, we say they’re pretty damn fast. If you’re looking for the best fast cash loans Australia has to offer, you’re definitely in the right place.

If you submit an application with us during business hours, you could receive an outcome in as little as 60 minutes. Yep, you read that right. Not 2 weeks, not 2 days, not even 2 hours: 60 short minutes. This is as long as you have applied within business hours and provided we don’t require any additional info. Basically, just sit tight and keep an eye on your phone and email as we will be getting in touch shortly with an outcome of your application.

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