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While the woman is sporadically seen putting on informal garments, Annie is usually observed wear the typical Junior extreme uniform

While the woman is sporadically seen putting on informal garments, Annie is usually observed wear the typical Junior extreme uniform

Annie is a brief female. She has blue eyes and helps to keep the lady blond locks tied back once again, most of the time, wear the girl bangs over this lady proper vision.


Generally, Annie usually keeps to herself. She is proven to over-react from time to time over trivial matters, but is in a position to identify this and apologize if needed. She furthermore is affected with abilities stress and anxiety (aka period fright) and it is usually extremely unwilling to play facing a big level market.

Despite her largely quiet and reserved characteristics, Annie just isn’t scared of confrontation. She can conveniently stand-up for by herself when people you will need to prevent this lady, either from carrying out a task or wanting to speak with a classmate.


Annie belongs to the most important seasons lessons entering Attack Junior High School and is also designated as an element of Class 3. Through the welcome ceremony, Annie overhears fellow beginner Eren’s love of cheddar loaf; as a result of this are the girl favored edibles in addition, Annie turned into as well embarrassed to declare this after he claimed they. She’d start to build a grudge against Eren as a result.

Later, course 3 takes part in a dodge ball tournament and Annie has the capacity to knock-out four additional people, winning the match on her lessons. [1] She overhears they are going up against lessons 4 (the course Eren belongs to) and goes over to handle them. Observing Eren is gone, Annie was told through Armin that Eren’s within the toilet and will be part of their fit. [2] Annie swears her part will winnings and comes back to the lady staff; before the match, she extends back over and is also shown Jean as verification that Eren will there be. Not purchase they, Annie phone calls them out and is also going to document them when Eren eventually arrives. She actually leaves after proclaiming all over again that Eren’s course will eventually lose. During match, Annie is almost eliminated by Mikasa; she captures the thrown golf ball and quickly removes Armin. [3] because fit wind gusts straight down, Annie try surprised when Eren manages to relieve their and win the fit for their team. [4]

Annie later joins the college student council and quickly becomes on the anxiety of other beginner Hitch. Hearing that Eren is part of the research Club (in addition to the wall surface Beautification pub), Annie stacks up and declares that although the council requires notes and helps to keep paths on bars all-around university, the research nightclub has been the exemption. She vows to have the pub disbanded. [5] Hitch and Marlowe heed the lady (despite the lady telling all of them to not) and find out Eren while the pub people on a field day at wall structure Rose. Both edges say yes to a game title of rock, paper, scissors to ascertain the fate associated with the Survey nightclub. [6]

With each area earning one win apiece, Annie comes up on Eren as choosing vote. Whenever asked exactly why she detests him really, Annie refuses to allow the reason why. They become trapped in a tie for half an hour before Annie loses the woman grasp and makes attain hit by Eren; but Eren relents and asks their once more exactly why she detests him. Annie eventually acknowledges he pointed out this lady favorite meals as 1st hence she could not keep admitting that to any or all. After hearing Eren apologize, she then knows the entire thing was blown out of percentage by her and admits eliminate to Eren. A day later during meal, Annie goes up to Eren, Armin and Mikasa and requires to sit down together. Starting to warm up to Eren, she gets part of her lunch to him plus they be buddies. [7]

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